Why are Leaks in Flat Roofs so Sneaky?

Leaks in flat roofs are really sneaky. It’s difficult to locate the leak as the water can enter one spot and express itself quite far from the source,Guest Posting i.e. entry point. Water drips in sloped roofs will fall directly under the area of the leak, but in flat Roofing Dallas the water can travel in any direction from the leak point, making the source of the leak so much more difficult to establish.

Modern ways of finding water intrusion in a flat roof include using infrared imaging. Although expensive, for large expanses of roof surface it might be worth the money spent. Flat roofs are more exposed to the suns UV rays that are very destructive and rapidly deteriorate the roofing material.

The constant expansion/contraction cycles that the roofing materials experience on a daily basis add to the ultimate swift deterioration. Flat roofs are built up of layers of roofing felt and tar. The leaks may appear at low spots or areas where the felt has been damaged.

A leak may appear where there are cracks in the felt and large blisters may be detected where the top layer has separated. Once detected, the blister can be sliced down the middle with a utility knife to the full depth of the blister. Lift cut the edges of the blister.

Squeeze out any water accumulated between the roofing layers. Soak up the water with rags and prop the edges up to allow the layers of felt underneath to dry. If the quantity of water is heavy, and it cannot be soaked up, the problem requires the attendance of a professional roofer.

If the water can be absorbed, the blister can be repaired by spreading a thick coat of roof cement on the bottom edges of loose felt. The blister may be closed with a row of 6d galvanised roofing nails along each side of the slit. The entire blister should then be covered permanently with roof cement making sure to cover the nail heads.

Aging flat roofs are instable and prone to collapse. Professional roofers would repair or re- felt the roofing by layering bitumen and felt roof securely. Craftsmen will make it weather tight and most contractors offer guarantees on the service.

Flat roofs need to be properly weatherproofed and the work should be done by trained and experienced professionals. Always consult experienced roofers for major work on your flat roofs. Nottingham residents can consult local roofers in the area who offer this specialised service.

All of these questions can really help you confirm the quality of the company. Hiring someone recommended by a neighbor is a great way to narrow down the field of experts to find someone right for your project and home. If your neighbors don’t have a recommendation, you can always check with friends or family in the area. There are always resources available to you for seeking recommendations.

For example, another place to find recommendations is the Better Business Bureau. With access to online recommendations and accreditations, you can determine the quality of a roofing company. Look for businesses that are highly accredited. The Better Business Bureau reserves the highest ratings for the best businesses.

The Better Business Bureau is also a great way to determine a company’s reputation. Businesses with a high rating tend to have a good reputation across the board. They have a good level of customer service and satisfaction. You can also look beyond the Better Business Bureau’s services and seek online reviews of some companies.

Why are Leaks in Flat Roofs so Sneaky?

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