Salmo Size #3 Hornet Floating Rainbow Dace

Salmo Size #3 Hornet Floating Rainbow Dace

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Some of our customers catch lakers on these in Lake Superior, just troll along shore, 150 feet behind boat in evening.  No weight needed.

Time to shed your preconcieved notions about how big tackle should look like to catch fish.  This unique Rainbow Dace pattern emulates fine-scaled, rainbow dace all over.  We always look for these in the minnow bucket because the walleyes like them, too!  Simple snap it on you line with a 1/4 rubber core sinker about 14-18" in front and troll it on the bottom.  When you stop moving, the lure floats up.  Easy to use and awesome for when the bite is slow!

It might not look it, but this little crankbait is totally revolutionary. Made from high density foam, not flimsy balsa wood or hollow plastic. The Hornet is a super durable crankbait that will catch you hundreds of fish without falling apart. The Hornet's rod shaking action triggers fish like walleye, crappie, bass and trout. Ideal for trolling and casting with great success. By far, the Salmo Hornet is the best multi-species fish catcher you'll ever own.

These make excellent walleye bait for when they are finicky because their action is incredible.  Wide wobble and don't worry about the one hook!  Far less to tangle and when a fish clamps down on the body, he gets the hook.  These are also excellent in trolling for rainbows 150 feet behind the boat with no weight.  -jb-

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