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Salmo Rattlin Hornet 4.5

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The Rattlin’ Hornet 4.5 is a blend of features never before put into one small lure, after all, most
people think small lures are for small fish…. WRONG… When designed properly, the opposite
is true, as evidence from the success of the classic Salmo Hornet. The Rattlin’ Hornet 4.5
boasts features like a unbreakable polycarbonate lip, oval split ring, KVD Elite Triple Grip hooks,
glass bead rattle chamber and if that was not enough, the Rattlin’ Hornet even has a brass,
long-cast weight shifting system to make it easier to cast such a small lure. Just under 3 inches
in total length, this floating/diving lure can reach a maximum depth of 6 feet while casting and 12
feet while trolling.

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