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PK Lures Flutter Fish 1/4 oz

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1/4 ounce

The Flutter Fish is not your ordinary jigging spoon. This spoon has a unique action all it's own. Fish see the jigging spoon rising and falling like an injured or dying baitfish. This in turn, causes the fish to eat it. It took Pat O'grady years to perfect the fluttering motion of the bait. This fluttering action increases the strike ratio because of increased flash, vibration and realistic movement. This spoon is perfect for all seasons because it can be trolled, jigged and casted to produce fish. Not only is it great for all seasons but it is great for all species as well. Catch walleye, trout, pike, muskie, perch, crappie, bass and much more using the PK Flutter Fish premium jigging spoon. The lure works great in lakes, reservoirs, streams, rivers and in salt water too.

1/8 Oz - 1 1/4" L, 1/8" W

Specific Tips for Walleye:

Jig off the bottom with 8” – 12” lift drops. To draw fish in from a distance you can do up to a 30” lift drop, then go back to the steady 8” to 12” lift drop. Another great way to attract fish from a distance is to let the lure fall and bang the bottom 2-3 times. This stirs up the bottom content and makes vibrations that the fish can hone in on. The key is to use consistent jigging motions with pauses; this allows the fish to decide whether or not to strike. Give your spoon a 2-3 second pause about every 10 repetitions. Lift 12-14” from the bottom, hold the rod still and then do slight twitches to entice the more selective fish. We recommend fishermen to use a 48” spooning rod and Trilene (monofilament or fluorocarbon). Lures can also be tipped with a minnow head but is not required.

Specific Tips for Trout:

Our tips for trout are about the same as walleye but the spoons can be jigged with larger lift drops up to 30”. When fishing for lake trout with larger spoons, fish may come in and inspect the bait and may not bite right a way. When that happens, start a slow steady retrieve up, it mimics a baitfish swimming away and the lake trout will usually hit it on the way up. For us, it is not uncommon to have a fish chase the spoon 30-50’ to hit the bait.

Size Recommendations by Species

Panfish – ¼, 3/8 oz Medium Predator Fish (Walleye, Bass, Trout, Whitefish) – 3/8 – 1 oz Large Predator Fish (Muskie, Pike, Lake Trout, Large Walleye, Striper, Wiper, Channel Catfish) – ½ - 2.5 oz)