60L Blue Barrels Sale
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60L Blue Barrels Sale

Sale price $ 59.95 Regular price $ 89.95

These are lightly-used,  60 liter,  food-grade polyethylene barrels in EXCELLENT, virtually new condition. 

Reg. $89.95

Price for the exact same, brand new barrel is $84.95 to $90.  So, if you want to blow some extra cash, don't listen to me and go ahead.  Supply is limited so when these are gone, these are gone.

They rarely have an external scratch and many of them come with the red ripcords still in place.  You can discard this ripcord - I say that because a lot of people think you need to keep it on, but it's only there for when the barrel is used on jetliners in unpressurized holds.  All the rest of us can chuck 'em!

This is the deal of a century particularly if you want to stash food in the Boundary Waters or keep the mice out of your bed linens up at the cabin over the winter.  Dozens of uses for these airtight, handy, barrels.

60L Blue Barrels are synonymous with the North Country.  They are perfect for food storage and bulky gear. In camp, they serve double duty as a stool or mini table. Just don't expect this barrel to be bear proof. Most critters will be kept at bay and the oder-proof water-proof gasket will minimize your risks, but large animals can chew through the shell.  They are NOT bear proof, but because they are air-tight, they are more easily hidden from bears with no food odor escaping.  Now, if you smear grape jelly on the outside or fry fish next to them, you are on you own.  That's just asking for trouble.  Keep them clean, seal them securely with the locking band, stash them 10 feet off of any trail under some brush, rocks, & sticks and in 99% of all cases, a bear will walk right by none the smarter.

Pair the 60L barrel with a good harness for easy portages. When loaded with dense objects like food, the 60L barrel can be quite heavy.

  • Galvanized Steel Closure ring.
  • 25" tall
  • 16" in circumference at it's widest point.
  • Lid opening is 13"
  • Weighs about 7 pounds.

See video of the actual barrels HERE

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